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Elmer and Marlene Punch List

- Register with Broward Special Needs Program - for hurricane preparedness

- home owner/condo insurance ie theft-fire for contents of unit

- contact Christina about getting help with Mom's showers, cleaning, etc

- enable iPhone tracking for both mom and dad's phones

- verify that mom and/or dad are on the State Priority Wait List with local agency

- Mom says her knees have been bothering her, on Feb 6, 2018 during pulmonary visit


- talk to Dr Nigen about carbidopa/levodopa Rx for Dad's RLS

- check with Dr Nigen about an ENT for dad

- B12 for mom

- make appt with Dr Kirin Syed for dad, urologist for prostate follow up

- ask about Dad's thyroid maintenance

- Dad's stress level management

- Check status of Elder Care assessment, they called on Jan 30 954-745-9779 8am - 5pm. Hopefully we can continue the stipend. Person Mary spoke with did say that Mom is on the waitlist for other services (long term care), the records from Martin County were available to her. programs: Community Care for the Elderly (CCE) Home Care for the Elderly (HCE) Medicaid Managed Care Long-Term Care(LTC)

- Oxygen. Lincare acct transferred to Ft Laud but they have Hobe Sound phone numbers, we need to update them Talk to her Pulmonary doctor about ordering a portable concentrator. UPDATE - Margaurite at Dr Azar's office says that it's VERY hard to get medicare to pay for a portable concentrator. Lincare should be able to provide one for travel, may need to rent one.

- mention David’s diagnosis of Factor V Leyden to Mom's doctors. Can we add a test for that to the blood work Mom gets? Primary Care Physician? mentioned to Dr Velez (neuro).

- Continue all other ongoing projects—legal, insurance, address changes, etc.


- get Mom's Miller peripheral vision eye test results to Kohl's office PDF code is 10319

- get Dad's cardio records from Dr Venu Jasti/Stuart772 465 4499 31Jan left message to call me about this. Can go by Dr Munushwami's office and fill out HIPA form prior to visit.

- Blood work requested by Dr Velez, done at holy cross Jan 31 - make appt for Cardiologist, Dr Munushwami Feb 1 @ 9:30 - canceled Mom's Monday, February 19 appt with Megan Dennis, Dr Kashouty's assistant - make appt for Physical Therapy for mom… left message with Mind&Mobility 954 492 5738 - make appt for Psychometric Neuropsychological testing battery w/ Rani L. Weitz, Psy.D… Jan 31, left message with Weitz's office to call me about appt - make appt for Dad's cardio follow up, when at Dr Munushwam's office

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